Friday, 16 March 2012

Jo Twins facts

1.Youngmins eyes are bigger than Kwangmins
2.Youngmin washes his hands when he is stressed
3.Kwangmins voice is deeper than Youngmins
4.Youngmin is 6 minutes older than Kwangmin
5.Youngmin loves to be in the camera, unlike Kwangmin who is shy and doesn’t like much part in the camera
6.kwang min is clumsier than young min
7.Youngmin is impressive but when he is angry, he is scary!
8.Youngmin definately wakes up if Minwoo wakes him up with his aegyo
9.Youngmin and Kwangmin make the same mistakes in their first training
10.Youngmin is the most sensitive among members..
11.Once Youngmin gets of has something, he could be autistic
12.Youngmin is the king of charisma according to fans
13.The fans call Youngmin “Greedy of screen time” because he appeared most in Boyfriend MV
14.When Youngmin have the desire of something he will focus on his wish
15.Jo Twins have different personality. Youngmin is cool whilst Kwangmin is full of cheer
16.Kwangmin wants blonde hair like Youngmin but the agency told him that fans will get confused
17.According to the members, Kwangmin is hyper active whilst Youngmin is lazy
18.Youngmin is the most choosy out of the members
19.Kwangmin is similar to Pikachu
20.Jo twins love to make jokes but they aren’t very funny
21.Kwangmin has 4D personality so some say that he is included in heechul's line
22.Kwangmin loves pokemon. Idol that he likes is Pikachu
23.Kwangmin is so nice. He likes sharing.
24.Jo twins can cry easily after they make any mistake
25.Kwangmin said “I am young but my body is old”
26.Jo twins can’t wink with just one eye. Both eyes will wink at same time.
27.Youngmin said that his charisma dissapeared after shooting Boyfriend MV
28.Jo twins are said to look like Kim Hyun Joong
29.During photoshoot, Kwangmin had to shoot with expensive dog. Kwangmin got nervous because he is scared something bad will happen to the dog.
30.Youngmin is the prettiest member…(apparently!)
31.if young min is seriously nervous ,he can't speak very well twins like snail
33.young min tired easily
34.young min has a long face compared to kwang min
35.if kwang min forgot any dance step,he'll go to get min woo
36.kwang min is bad in atmosphere knowledge
37.jeong min said that kwang min is "Dol+i"(4d)
38.there a star on jo twins signature twins have the same sleep pose/position
40.young min can't drawing
41.according tosome of the member of boyfriend young min moves slow and he is naughty when he sleep,and so hyun seong and kwang min have towake him up~young min also mention that it's hard to wake him up~even thought his standing he still sleeping!
42.when they were kids, they did everything together
43.young min like to lay around rolling here and there on the bed ,kwang min and hyun seong had to wake him up
44.young min want to be the type of boyfriend that is serious when the situation is serious and befunny when joking
45.kwng min want to be the type of boyfriend  who cares for his lover silently
46.kwang min aparently dislikes hairspray because he forgets to close his mouth and eyes
47.young min favourite colour is yellow while kwang min likes blue
48.they each had their first kiss stolen by a noona
49.both twins are right handed
50.young min loves kwang min b'cuz he always happy.kwang min loves young min b'cuz he thinks he's prettiest out of all the members
51.kwang min once got wounded when young min pinched him during one of their CF shooting
52.when fans asked kwang min why he liked pikachu hereplied "because he is yellow and he goes pike pi pikachu"

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